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    Grupa Azoty S.A.

    ul. Kwiatkowskiego 8

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    Trade name: Tarnamid® modifiedChemical name: polyamide 6/PA6 Common name: polyamide 6/PA6 Classification: EKD – 24.16.Z PKWiU – 24.16.54-50.00 Unit: Grupa Azoty S.A. T-27 MS,T-29 MS,T-30 MS Colourless grades, with anti-adhesive additive facilitating removal of presses from moulds, for injection moulding manufacturing of parts. T-27 MCS Coloured grade, for parts injection moulding. T-29 MCS,T-30 MCS Coloured grades, for injection moulding of parts with high strength requirements, available in primary colours.